25 September 2021

25-09-2021 ITHAKA - ATOKOS

25-09-2021  Vathy ITHAKA - ATOKOS
Weather : Sunny ca.30°C
Trip : 9,5 NM
In the morning we explored the nice town of Vathy,
had a coffee on a terrace etc...

At noon we left the quay and first we went to the fuel-station on the opposite side of the bay.

We had a nice half-wind sail towards Atokos.

After 2 hours we anchored in a beautiful bay on the Southside of Atokos.

After some swimming and relaxing, we decided to stay here for the night.

We spent a wonderful evening under the stars.
Grtz from Atokos, 
Sandra, Elvira, Michel, Diane, Koerel & Koen