29 July 2011

POROS/GALATAS 23-30 July 2011


Weather : Sunny ca.38°C

After a week of sailing we decided to stay an extra week in an
apartment with swimmingpool in Galatas, opposite from Poros on the mainland,
an ideal combination when sailing with children :
1 week sailing + 1 week hotel/apartment.

From the 'Villa SEAGULL'S VIEW' we have a magnificent view of Poros, etc.

From our balcony we can see the South-quay of Poros-city,
there's also the quay of Greek Sails located.

Concerning Greek Sails ;

We were positively surprised by this family-run business.
All their yachts are very well kept in chape under own maintenance.
When sailing the Saronic/Argolic, you gain 2 days when starting from
Poros, instead to starting from eg. Kalamaki in Athens.

... when we arrived at Athens-Airport we took the X96-bus to Piraeus
(1 hour drive),
in Piraeus we took the Flying Cat to Poros (ca.70 min).
So it takes ca. 3 hours to arrive in Poros from Athens-Airport
(depending of time of arrival),
there's also a shuttle-service that can be provided by Greek Sails.
So I think Greek Sails have the ideal base when sailing the Argo-Saronic !

TIP for the long-term-sailors,
in Galatas there's a LIDL-supermarket, ca. 1km West out of town on the
road to Methana/Epidavros.

Adio from Poros/Galatas,
Koen & Co

24 July 2011

22th July : HYDRA - POROS


Weather : Sunny ca.37°C
Wind : NNW 1-2 Bf increasing to NW 3 Bf in the afternoon.

Our last sailingday.

The ladies went shopping again in the morning ...
So, men beware ! Hide your creditcards for your wives, when you come
to Hydra ;-D

At noon we hauled anchor to set course for Poros,
again there was nearly no wind.

In Poros we anchored for lunch and swimming in Monastery-Bay,
the bay is only suitable for a swim-stop, I think most of the time
it's to uncomfortable for a nightstay.

At 1800h we went to the Greek-Sails-quay,
we were friendly welcomed by the G.S.team.

At night we had dinner at the Poseidon-taverna (close to the new Ferry-harbour),
they have a wide choice of delicious plates at normal prices.

Adio from Poros,

Zita, Kithana, Miek, Sandra, Steven, Daniela & Koen

21th July : SPETSES - HYDRA

SPETSES Or. Zoyioryia - HYDRA

Weather : Sunny ca.39°C
Wind : NW 3 Bf decreasing to W 1 Bf in the afternoon and evening.

Because the waves made it to uncomfortable we decided to leave Or.
Zoyioryia early in the morning.

So we arrived at 11.30h at Hydra.
Altough we arrived early, there were only 3 places left.

Hydra is one of the most beautifull harbours in Greece, but
unfortunately also one of the most popular.

The harbourfee for a 36 foot yacht is 1,60 Euro pro night !
(for ca. 300 litres water we payed 7 Euro, ... ask for Pan)

Because of the heat, we went swimming in the afternoon,
to the East from the harbour they made some swimming-stages in the
rocks, a simple and effective solution.

At night the ladies did some shopping,
there are a lot of stores in the alleys of Hydra-town.


Koen & Co

22 July 2011

20th July : P. ASTROUS - SPETSES

Paralia ASTROUS - SPETSES Or. Zoyioryia

Weather : Sunny ca.38°C
Wind : SE 1 Bf increasing to SE 3 Bf in the afternoon between 1500 - 1800h.

The weather again is very hot, today.

Half an hour after we left we encountered a large school of dolphins,
I think there were more than 50.
They jumped, swam alongside, ...
For half an hour it was a magical experience ... the kids were extatic !!!

After 3 hours we anchored in the bay of Or. Zoyioryia on Spetses.

We spent and afternoon and evening of swimming an relaxing.

In the night the wind came full force from the North,
so the bay became very uncomfortable, luckely our anchor held perfectely


Koen & the crew
(SY Melina Mercouri)

20 July 2011

19th July : Plaka LEONIDION - Paralia ASTROUS


Weather : Sunny ca.40°C
Wind : SE 1 Bf increasing to SE 3 Bf in the afternoon between 1500 - 1800h.

Today is gonna be a very hot day,
there's nearly no wind.

In the morning we filled up our watertanks (3 Euro for ca. 200 liters).

We motored North along the Arcadian-coast, the nature is very impressive.

After 2 hours we anchored in Ormos Krioneri for a swim and lunch.
With this temperatures, swimming is a must.

At 1600h we carried on our trip towards Astrous,
were we moored at the quay at 1700h.
There are only 3 visiting yachts here today.

Paralia Astrous is a nice midsize touristtown,
it sight is dominated by the old Venetian castle on top of the mountain.

In the evening there's a lot of activity in the streets and restaurants,
Astrous is visited mostly by Greek-tourists.


Koen & the crew
(SY Melina Mercouri)

18th July : ERMIONI - Plaka LEONIDION


Weather : Sunny ca.38°C
Wind : SE 1 Bf increasing to SE 3 Bf in the afternoon between 1400 - 1700h.

After breakfast we hauled anchor at 10.30h.

There isn't much wind and it is a hot day.
So ca. halfway we did a swimstop in the bay Zoyioryia on Spetses.
The seawater is pretty warm (26°C).

In the afternoon we carried on our trip towards the Peloponnese,
the mountains and scenery of the Peloponese are spectacular.

We also spotted a small group of dolphins,
the children we're very excited.

At ca. 17.30h we arrived in Plaka Leonidion,
a small, pictoresque hamlet surrounded by steep mountains.

There's a quay with space for ca. 12 yachts,
every morning and evening they supply water on the quay.
There is a building with showers & toilets on the beach,
behind the blue hotel.

We had dinner at the "Delfini-taverna",
nice food, not expensive and the owner is very friendly and helpful.


Koen & the crew
(SY Melina Mercouri)

18 July 2011

16 - 17 July POROS - ERMIONI


Weather : Sunny ca.34°C
Wind : SE 1 Bf increasing to SE 3 Bf in the afternoon between 1400 - 1700h.
Saturday 16-07
After a long journey (Car, Plane, Bus & Ferry) we finally arrived in
Poros at 1500h.
At Greek Sails we did the check-in with Andreas, our Yacht the "Melina
Mercouri" was in good condition.
In the evening we had a very nice dinner in the APAGIO-taverna, they have a lot of tasty local specialities.

Sunday 17-07
Today our youngest crewmember, Zita, has her birthday, she becomes 7
today, Happy Birthday.

After breakfast we left the quay at ca.11.30h.
There wasn't much wind.

So we motored our way to Dhokos-island.

At 14.30 we anchored in Ormos Skindos (on Dhokos) for a swim,
the water was nice and warm ca.26 °C.

At 16.30 we hauled anchor and went to the harbour of Emioni on the mainland.

When we arrived there were only 3 places left on the quay.

It is pretty bussy in Ermioni, the tavernas and cafes are pretty full,
the summerholidays are clearly begun.

At night we had a nice dinner with a spectacular view at Kavos-taverna.

Yassas from Ermioni,

Zita, Miek, Kithana, Sandra, Steven, Daniela & Koen

13 July 2011

Sailing in Greece : the Argo-Saronic Gulf


From 16th untill the 23th of July, we chartered a Jeanneau SUN ODYSSEY 36.2 with Greek Sails on the island of Poros.

We'll probably be sailing along the islands of Hydra & Spetses into the Argolic-Gulf and along the Peloponnese.

It will be a family-sailing-journey with short trips,
because there will be 3 kids on board (7, 8 & 10 yrs.).

Afterwards we booked 2 Apartments in the 'Villa Seagulls'View' in Galatas, for a week.

As always you can follow our Sailingjourney live on this blog.


Koen & Co

10 July 2011

Pictures 1996 - Sailing Argo-Saronic Gulf

Exactely 15 years ago we did our first sailingtrip in Greece, also in the Argo-Saronic Gulf,
here you can see some pictures from 1996 !