05 November 2016

4-11-2016 Perdika - Poros

Fri.. 4th November 2016 : Perdika Aegina - Poros

Weather :  Clouds with periods of sun ca.21 C

Wind : N 1-2 Bf

Log : 11,3 NM

In the morning we left Perdika at 1030.

We've tried to sail but there simply wasn't enough wind.

At 1300 we anchored in Love-bay on Poros, we had lunch and relaxed.

We returned to the Greek Sails quay at 1600.

Yannis did the checkout of our yacht,

everything was OK.

At night we had one of our best diners of the trip at the Apagio !

Grtz from Greece,

Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel & Koen

04 November 2016

3-11-2016 Aegina - Perdika

Thu.. 3th November 2016 : Aegina - Perdika Aegina

Weather :  Sunny ca.22 C

Wind : N 1-2 Bf

Log : 4,2 NM

This morning we rented a car (40 € incl.fuel).

We visited the Temple of Aphaia, one of the best preserved ancient Greek Temples.

The site is well worth a visit.

At 1330 we left Aegina-town.

We first had a swim- and lunchstop in a nice bay on the island of Moni.

We hauled anchor at 1615 and motored to the fishingtown of Perdika.

It's pretty bussy in Perdika, in the evening there are 12 yachts moored here.

At night we had diner at the Remetzo-taverna, nice Greek food.

Grtz from Perdika,

Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel & Koen

02 November 2016

02-11-2916 Paleia Epidavros - Aegina

Wed. 2nd November 2016 : Paleia Epidavros - Aegina

Weather :  Sunny ca.20 C

Wind : N 1-2 Bf

Log : 15,2 NM

Today it's Sunny again.

This morning we visited the ancient theater of Epidavros, a 15km taxiride from the harbour (taxi ca. 10 Euro pp).

It's a very spectacular site, this visit is a must.

At 1200 we hauled our anchor.

There's nearly no wind so we motored our way to Angistri.

In the SW of Angistri we anchored in a bay, to have lunch and a swim afterwards.

At 1530 we continued our way towards Aegina.

We arrived in Aegina-town at 1615,

there is enough space on the city-quay, so no worry to find a place for our boat.

Tonight we Found a nice Kretan-taverna 'Kriton Gefsis', very tastefull food.

Grtz from Aegina,

Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel & Koen

01 November 2016

01-11-2016 Extra pictures

1-11-2016 Vathi - Paleia Epidavros

Tue. 1st November 2016 : Vathi Methana - Paleia Epidavros

Weather :  Sunny ca.19 C

Wind : NE 2 Bf

Log : 9,5 NM

Today it's Sunny !

After breakfast we left the small harbour of Vathi.

There wasn't so much wind, but just enough to have a nice halfwind-sail.

At 1330 we arrived in Paleia Epidavros.

After a delicious spaghetti-diner in the sun, we walked to the small ancient theater of Paleia Epidavros.

This evening we had a tastefull diner at the Mike-taverna.

Grtz from Epidavros,

Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel & Koen

31st oct. Poros - Vathi Methana

Mon. 31st October 2016 : Poros - Vathi Methana

Weather :  cloudy ca.18 C

Wind : N 4-5 Bf (gusts 6 Bf)

Log : 35,5NM

We left Poros at 930.

Once outside we experienced a pretty rough sea and we had to fight the wind with a sharp reach. Once we reached the northern tip of Methana we could change our course to half wind, this was more comfortable. During this trip 3 of the crewmembers were a bit sick.

At 1400 we arrived in Paleis Epidavros, because there were to many Waves in the harbour and the yachtquay wasn't sheltered with this kind of wind, we decided to leave for Vathi on Methana.

At 1630 we arrived in Vathi, a nice small harbour.

At night we had a nice dinner in the 'Vathi taverna' with view on the yachts.

Because everybody was tired from this long day, we went to bed early.

Grtz from Vathi

Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel & Koen

30 October 2016

30 oct. 2016 Poros

Sun. 30th October 2016 : Poros

Weather :  cloudy ca.20 C

Wind : N 1 Bf

Log : 3,3 NM

Today we supposed to start in the Round Poros Race … but there's no wind so the race is canceled.

In the afternoon we made a short trip to Russian-bay, where we anchored and relaxed.

At 16.00h we returned to the Greek Sails quay, they organised a BBQ. We enjoyed the food and drinks.

Grtz from Poros,

Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel & Koen

29 October 2016

29-10-2016 Poros

Sat. 29th October 2016 : Poros

Weather :  cloudy ca.19 C

Wind : N 1-2 Bf

Log : 0 NM

After a long car-plane-bus-ferry-Odyssey we arrived in Poros at 14.45h.

The weather is not cold, but it's cloudy.

Afterwards we'd checked in our yacht a brand new Sun Odyssey 389.

In the evening we had a very nice diner at the Karavolos taverna.

Grtz from Greece,

Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel & Koen

16 October 2016

Round Poros Race & Saronic 29 oct.- 5 nov.


From the 29th of October untill the 5th of November,
we're sailing the 'Round-Poros-race' on sunday
and afterwards we'll be visiting a few Saronic islands in Greece.

We chartered a new Sun Odyssey 389 from Greek Sails in Poros.

Of course you can follow our journey everyday live on this blog.



21 May 2016

20/05/2016 Hydra - Poros

Fri. 20th May 2016 : Hydra - Poros

Weather :  cloudy with a few raindrops ca.20 C
Wind : E 1-2 Bf increasing 3-4 Bf late afternoon
Log : 18 NM

In the morning we did some exploring of Hydra-town.

At 12.10h we left Hydra, lucky our anchor didn't tangle with other chains, so we where able to leave without problems.

Again there was nearly no wind, so we had to motor again.
Halfway to Poros we encountered a school of dolphins, they stayed with the boat for ca. 10min., as always MAGICAL !

In Poros we first anchored in Russian-bay, to have a meal on board.

At 16.00h we sailed Back to the GreekSails- quay.
Andreas did the checkout, everything was OK.

In the Evening we had a very nice & tasty diner at the Poseidon taverna.
(Price ca. 110 € / 5 pers.)

At night it rained a lot.

...Thus ended a nice sailing-trip in the Argo-Saronic.

Grtz from Greece,
Roel, Diane, Koerel, Daniela & Koen