21 May 2016

20/05/2016 Hydra - Poros

Fri. 20th May 2016 : Hydra - Poros

Weather :  cloudy with a few raindrops ca.20 C
Wind : E 1-2 Bf increasing 3-4 Bf late afternoon
Log : 18 NM

In the morning we did some exploring of Hydra-town.

At 12.10h we left Hydra, lucky our anchor didn't tangle with other chains, so we where able to leave without problems.

Again there was nearly no wind, so we had to motor again.
Halfway to Poros we encountered a school of dolphins, they stayed with the boat for ca. 10min., as always MAGICAL !

In Poros we first anchored in Russian-bay, to have a meal on board.

At 16.00h we sailed Back to the GreekSails- quay.
Andreas did the checkout, everything was OK.

In the Evening we had a very nice & tasty diner at the Poseidon taverna.
(Price ca. 110 € / 5 pers.)

At night it rained a lot.

...Thus ended a nice sailing-trip in the Argo-Saronic.

Grtz from Greece,
Roel, Diane, Koerel, Daniela & Koen

20 May 2016

19/05/2016 Plaka Leonidion - Hydra

Thu. 19th May 2016 : Plaka Leonidion - Hydra

Weather :  cloudy with spells of sun ca.23C
Wind : ESE 2 Bf increasing 3 Bf afternoon
Log : 31,1 NM

After breakfast we left Plaka Leonidion at 10.05h.
There wasn't so much wind, so our engine had to help a little bit.

At 16.10h we arrived in Hydra, lucky we found a space on the North-quay.

Whilst anchoring our anchor got trapped in a faul old chain lying on the bottom, so first Koerel had to freedive to get us free. After a hectic manoeuvre everything went well with our second attempt.

Hydra still is one of the Most beautifull harbours of Greece.

At night we had a nice diner in the Gitoniko taverna, tucked away in the backstreets of town,
it has a nice roof-terrace.
(Price ca.105 € / 5 pers.)

Grtz from Hydra,
Melina' s crew

19 May 2016

18/05/2016 : Kiparissi - Plaka Leonidion

Wed. 18th May 2016 : Kiparissi - Plaka Leonidion

Weather :  AM Sunny ca.25C / PM cloudy few raindrops
Wind : SE 1-2 Bf increasing 3-4 Bf afternoon
Log : 13,4 NM

In the morning we did a Walk around the cove and took it relax.

At 11.30h we hauled anchor and left Chapel cove in Kiparissi.

Because there nearly was no wind we motored the Short Trip to Plaka Leonidion.

At 14.05h we arrived in Plaka Leonidion, and moored alongside the quay.
There were only 4 sailingyachts in the harbour.

At night we had a very nice diner in Michel & Margarets taverna. The hospitality of Family is very generous.
(Price ca. 120€ / 5 pers.)

Grtz from Leonidion,
Melina' s crew

18 May 2016

17-05-2016 : Gerakas - Kiparissi

Tue. 17th May 2016 : Gerakas - Kiparissi

Weather :  Sunny ca.25C.
Wind : W 1-2 Bf
Log : 14,2 NM

The wind died completely Down last night, so it was a quiet night.
We left Gerakas at 10.30 h.

There was nearly no wind, so our engine had to Help us Out during this Northerly course.

At 12.45h we moored alongside de town-pier of Kiparissi, the crew went grocery-shopping.
Kiparissi is one of the Most scenic villages of Greece.

After An hour we left the town-pier. We went to a Small cove 0,5 NM West of Town.
We anchored Stern to a the Small quay of Chapel cove in Kiparissi-bay. This is one of the Most pictoresque mooringplaces I've Ever visited in Greece.

At night we had a Nice spaghetti- diner in board.

There was nearly no wind, so we had a quiet night in this cove.

Grtz from Kiparissi,
Melina' s crew

16 May 2016

16/05/2016 : Monemvasia - Gerakas

Mon. 16th May 2016 : Monemvasia - Gerakas

Weather :  Sunny ca.25C.
Wind : AM SSW 1-2 Bf / PM SW 4 - 6 Bf.
Log : 9,9 NM

In the morning we visited the Old Town of Monemvasia again. 
To do some shopping and sightseeing. It's kind of a magical place.

There's a shuttle bus every half and hour between Gefyra and the Old Castle
(distance ca.2 km / price ca.1 € pro ride)

At 1330h we left the Marina of Monemvasia.

We had a fast halfwind to broad reach.
Real holiday-sailing !

At 1545 we moored alongside the quay in the Small fishingvillage of Gerakas.
The wind picked up and we had a stormy wind for the rest of the afternoon and Evening, with windspeeds up to 30 knots.

In the Evening we had a tastefull diner in Avra-taverna.
(Price ca.80 € / 5 pers.)

Grtz from Gerakas,
Roel, Diane, Koerel, Daniela & Koen

15 May 2016

15/05/2016 Poros - Monemvasia

Sun. 15th May 2016 : Poros - Monemvasia

Weather :  cloudy with Sunny spells ca.25C.
Wind : AM SSW 1-2 Bf / PM S 4 - 6 Bf.
Log : 59,9 NM

Today we left Poros very early at 6.15h.
We had breakfast whilst Sailing.

We almost had to motor the entire Trip,
because the wind came in on the nose and we had to reach Monemvasia before the Evening.
The last 2 hours a storm came up and we where Happy to Moor alongside in the Small Marina of Monemvasia at 1530h.

Berthing fee for 1 day : 2,20 €.

There Are swimming a few Caretta turtles in this harbour.

At 1800h we had a guided Tour of the Old Medival Town of Monemvasia, a must.
It's like walking Back in Time. 
More info on the guided Monemvasia-tour on this link.

Afterwards we had a Nice dinner in the Matoula taverna, dinner with a View.
(Price ca.120 € / 5 pers./ for starters, main & drinks)

Grtz from Monemvasia,
Roel, Diane, Koerel, Daniela & Koen

14/05/2016 Poros

Sat. 14th May 2016 : Poros

Weather : Sun & clouds, ca.25C.

After a Long journey we arrived a the Greek Sails quay in Poros at 15.30h.

Andreas did our check-in, our yacht 'Melina' a Sun Odyssey 409 is in perfect shape.

At night we had a very Nice diner at the Apagio taverna.

Grtz from Poros,

Roel, Diane, Koerel, Daniela & Koen

08 May 2016

Sailing Argo-Saronic Gulf : 14 - 21 May


From the 14th untill the 21st of May,
we're sailing the Argo-Saronic Gulf in Greece.

We chartered an Sun Odyssey 409 from Greek Sails in Poros.

Of course you can follow our journey everyday live on this blog.



01 May 2016

Sailingtrip Saronic : 25th May – 7th june 1996

this is a summary of our first sailing trip in Greece, 20 years ago.

Our first sailing trip in the Med was from 25th of May untill the 7th of June 1996.

We chartered a Moody 31 from GM-Yachting in the Marina Kalamaki in Athens.

We logged ca.153 NM and went to the following harbours or bays :
Marina Kalamaki, Angistri, Palea Epidavros, Poros, Dhokos, Spetses, Korakonissia, Hydra, Poros, Moni, Perdika & Aegina.

For most of the days the weather was sunny and ca. 30 °C, we only had 2 rainy (stormy) days.

Nowhere we had to pay a harbourfee.

The cost of a full diner (starters, main courses, wine, beer,...) at a seaside taverna was about 13500 Drachmas for 5 persons (= ca. 8 Euro pro person).

It’s was a beautifull trip, one we never will forget ... and since that time we are hooked on sailing in Greece & the Med !

Underneath you can find some pictures from 20 years ago ...