08 November 2015

06-11-2015 Kapi Creek - Club Marina Gocek

06-11-2015 Kapi Creek - Club Marina Gocek

Weather : sunny, 25°C
Wind : 1-2 Bf NW
Log : 9,9 NM

Another beautiful day.

First we took a walk around Kapi Creek.

At 10.00h we left for the neighbouring bay just to the west, Ravine bay.
We took swim and just relaxed.

Around noon we hauled our anchor and sailed slowly north, because there wasn't much wind it was a slow sail.

At 13.30h we anchored in a beautiful pine surrounded bay of Boynuz Buku. It was time again for some swimming and afterwards a nice meal on board.

At 16.00h we left for our home base the Club Marina in Gocek.

When we arrived we first had to fuel up and do the waste disposal, there was a waiting line up to nearly 1 hour at the fuel/waste station.

We used up 72 litres of diesel (278 TL).

At 17.45h we moored up at the Navigare-base.
The check-out went extremely swift, our boat was OK.

To end this holiday we had a nice dinner at the Club Marina restaurant.

Grtz from Turkey,
Roger, Johan, Elvira, Michel, Diane, Koerel & Koen

06 November 2015

05-11-2015 Wall bay - Kapi Creek

05-11-2015 Wall bay - Kapi Creek

Weather : sunny, 25°C
Wind : 1 Bf W / 2-3 Bf SW afternoon
Log : 12,9 NM

Sunny weather again.

In the morning you can buy freshly baked turkish bread in the Wall bay restaurant. Very tasteful.

At 10.30h we crossed the bay and anchored in Monastery bay, besides the ruins of an old monastery, which presumably Cleopatra has visited in her time.

We saw a lot of big caretta turtles in this bay.

At 11.30h we hauled our anchor and motored our way to Tomb bay.
We moored at an old wooden quay, at 12.15h.

In this bay you can see a lot of Lycean tombs (small temples) build in to the mountains.

We hiked to 2 of this tombs, it's a steep climb, but worth the view.

After a swim we left Tomb bay at 15.20h.

Finally some wind, so we had a nice sail around Tersane island to end the day.

At 17.20h we moored on a quay in Kapi Creek (there are 7 yachts in here for the night).
Kapi Creek is a beautiful small sheltered bay.

At night we had a tasty dinner at the Kapi - restaurant.

Grtz from Turkey,
Koen & the crew

05 November 2015

04-11-2015 Kizilkuyruk - Wall bay

04-11-2015 Kizilkuyruk - Wall bay

Weather : sunny, 25°C
Wind : 1 Bf W / 3 Bf SW afternoon
Log : 26,3 NM

Again a beautiful day but not many wind to expect.

First we motored to Gocek to get some provisions.

At 12.00h we arrived in the Municipal Marina of Gocek,
whilst mooring a big caretta turtle greeted us.
We had to pay 50 TL mooring fee.

We filled up our watertanks and went in to town to do some shopping.

At 14.00h we left Gocek.
Finally for the first time this week the wind picked up,
and we had our first nice sail !
For 2 hours we had a sharp reach,
with boatspeeds up to 7 knots.

At 17.00h we moored alongside the wooden quay at the Wall bay restaurant. There are 10 yachts moored here.

At night we had a nice dinner here,
some had chicken, some of us fish ... it was tasteful.

Grtz from Turkey,
Koen & the crew

04 November 2015

03-11-2015 Gemiler adasi - Kizilkuyruk

03-11-2015 Gemiler adasi - Kizilkuyruk

Weather : sunny, 25°C
Wind : 1 Bf W
Log : 12,8 NM

In the morning we went for a long walk,
exploring the Gemiler island.

There are a lot of ruins of Byzantine churches to find on the island.
The views are spectacular.

At noon we went for a nice swim,
the weather is summer like.

At 13.15h we left the anchorage.

Again there is no wind today,
so we had to motor across the Fethiye-gulf.

At 15.30h dropped our anchor in the Kizilkuyruk - bay.
This a beautiful deserted bay.

At night we had a nice dinner on board.

Grtz from Turkey,
Koen & the crew

03 November 2015

02-11-2015 Cold Water bay - Gemiler adasi

02-11-2015 Cold Water bay - Gemiler adasi

Weather : sunny, 25°C
Wind : 1-2 Bf W
Log : 2,9 NM

Today some of the crew made the walk to the abandoned village of Kayakoy, an hours walk up the mountain. It's an impressive site.

Afterwards we had a swim in the sea.

Because it was well in the afternoon that everyone was back on board, we planned only a short trip for today.

At 14.30h we hauled or anchor an left the bay.

Only an hour later we were anchored again,
at the North side of the island of Gemiler.

At night we had a nice spaghetti-diner on board,
thanks to Elvira and Diane.
The outside temperature was still mild in the evening, ca. 20°C.

Grtz from Turkey,
Koen & the crew

02 November 2015

01-11-2015 GOCEK - Cold Water bay

01-11-2015 GOCEK - Cold Water bay

Weather : sunny, 24°C
Wind : 1 Bf SW
Log : 20,1NM

We left Gocek at 10.15h,
the weather is very nice but unfortunately there is no wind.

So the engine had to help us out the entire trip.

About halfway we spotted some dolphins,
it's always exiting. 

At 14.30h we anchored in Cold water bay.
In the afternoon we relaxed and swam in the sea.

In total 4 yachts are anchored here,
it's quiet in the after season.

In the evening we had a nice dinner in the only restaurant in the bay, it's a short walk up on the mountain.

Grtz from Turkey,
Koen & the crew

01 November 2015

31-10-2015 GOCEK

31-10-2015 GOCEK

Weather : sunny, with few clouds 22°C
Wind : -
Log : -

Today we had a long journey,
our plane had a delay of 4 hours.

So we finally arrived in the Gocek Club Marina at 16.30h.
It's a beautiful marina wich lies in a natural environment.

The crew went shopping for groceries and we did the check-in of our boat the 'Armanda af Roslagen' a Bavaria 45 cruiser.

At night we went for diner in the marina restaurant,
simple but tasteful.

Grtz from Turkey,
Koen & the crew

11 October 2015

TURKEY : Göcek & Fethiye-gulf 31 oct. - 7 nov. 2015


From the 31st of october untill the 7th of november,
we're sailing in Turkey, from Göcek around the gulf of Fethiye.

We chartered a Bavaria 45 Cruiser from Navigare Yachting in Göcek.

Of course you can follow our journey everyday live on this blog.



31 May 2015



Weather : sunny 23°C
Wind : 3 - 4 Bf N (gusts 5 Bf)
Log : 21,2 NM

After a quiet night under anchor we left our anchorage at 9.30.

After 30 min. we took up a buoy at the 'Mir'-bay,
in the Telascica-National Park.

We went ashore and took a walk to the Mir-saltlake,
and afterwards to the cliff-edge.
When visiting Telascica this walk is a must !

We left Telescica-bay at 11.50.

The wind came aft, so we had an easy broad-reach.

After rounding the South-part of Pasman,
we achored in the Zaklopika-bay to have lunch.

At 16.30 we hauled anchor and made the small crossing over to Biograd N.M.

First we filled up our Diesel-tank at the gasstation in Biograd,
we used up ca. 33 liters this week (9,53 Kuna/liter = ca.1,25 €/liter : total = 41 €)

At 17.30 we moored in the Kornati Marina in Biograd NM.
The guys at Burin YC did where fast with the check-out,
everything was OK with our yacht.

At night we did a long walk (ca.30-40 min.) to the Orkula restaurant,
we had a very nice diner (with big portions).
For us it was well worth the walk.
(ca. 20 € pp)

Grtz from Croatia,
Annelies, Ben, Diane, Koerel & Koen