31 October 2019

30-10-2019 KARACAOREN – SARSALA bay

30-10-2019 KARACAOREN – SARSALA bay

Weather : sunny, 25°C
Wind : 1 Bf NE
Log : 13,6 NM

As always after breakfast we took a swim.

Today the weather is hot and sunny again, but not much wind.

At 10.30h we left the bay.

We motored across the Fethiye-gulf, to enter in the Gocek-gulf.

At 13.45h we moored at the jetty of the restaurant in Sarsala bay.

This is one of the most beautiful bay-restaurants I've ever seen!

Before sunset we hiked through the forest to the top of the hill to have a nice view.

In the evening we had a nice diner in the restaurant
(ca.25€ pp).

Grtz from Sarsala,
Elvira, Michel & Koen

30 October 2019



Weather : sunny, 25°C
Wind : 2 Bf NE afternoon NW
Log : 24,6 NM

After breakfast we took a swim in the turquoise water,
the sea is still nice and warm in this season.

At 10.15h we hauled anchor and left Asi Koyu.

There was a little bit of wind, so we put up the sails and motorsailed towards our destination.

In the afternoon at 15.00h we arrived in the sheltered bay of Karacaoren.
We took a mooringbuoy, layed out by the restaurant.

After lunch we took a well deserved swim in the crystal clear water.

At night we were treated with magnificent sunset in this bay.

We of course had diner in the local restaurant, nice location and nice food. (25€ pp)

Grtz from Karacaoren,
Elvira, Michel & Koen

29 October 2019

28-10-2019 ECKINCIK – ASI KOYU

28-10-2019 ECKINCIK – ASI KOYU

Weather : sunny, 23°C
Wind : 1-2 Bf W
Log : 11 NM

At 8.30h we left on an excursion with a boat to the Dalyan-delta and the old city of Caunos.

The nature in the delta is impressive.

We also bought some blue crabs for our evening diner, it’s a speciality of the region.

At noon we had a nice diner at a riverside restaurant in Dalyan, with view on the ancient rock toombs.

At 14.30h we arrived back on our yacht an left the harbour of Eckincik a little bit later.

At 16.45h we anchored nearly on the beach in Asi Koyu, a wonderful place.

At night we had a delicious spaghetti with crab diner on board, yummy!

Grtz from Asi Koyu,
Elvira, Michel & Koen

28 October 2019

27-10-2019 TERSANE Island - ECKINCIK

27-10-2019 TERSANE Island - ECKINCIK

Weather : sunny, 25°C
Wind : 1-2 Bf NW
Log : 29,9 NM

After a slow breakfast on board we left Tersane at 10.15h.

It was a hot day with almost no wind, so we had to motor the long trip to Eckincik.

At 15.40h we anchored in the new townharbour of Eckincik.
There’s water and electricity available on the quay.
It’s end of the season, so there are only 2 sailingyachts here.

In the evening we went to diner in the restaurant of the Enciler Hotel.
A nice meal with starters and fresh fish ca.20 € pp.
When you eat here the mooring in the harbour is free.

Grtz from Eckincik,
Elvira, Michel & Koen

27 October 2019

26-10-2019 GOCEK - TERSANE Island

26-10-2019 GOCEK - TERSANE Island

Weather : sunny, 25°C
Wind : 1-2 Bf N
Log : 5,2 NM

After an early flight we arrived in the D-Marina in Gocek at 1100h.

We first had a nice breakfast at the Marina cafe.

At 13.30h we did the check-in with one of the guys from Pitter Yachting.
Our yacht ‘Bommie' a Bavaria 36C is in good condition.

Meanwhile Elvira and Michel did the shopping in the local supermarket.

At 15.15h we left the Marina.

Today we made a short trip to the nearby island of Tersane.

At 16.30 we moored at the quay of the local restaurant.

It’s a nice bay with some ancient Byzantine ruins.

At night we had a very nice fish-diner
(price ca.28 € pp, for starters, main and drinks).

Grtz from Tersane,
Elvira, Michel & Koen