31 October 2011

31 oct. 2011 : SYMI - NISIROS



Weather : Sunny ca.20°C

Wind : NW 1-2 Bf


Last evening we had a nice tasty dinner at "O Meraklis" in Symi (105 Euro/6 pers.),

it wasn't cold at all, so we had our dinner outside.


Today we made the long trip to Nisiros, ca. 37 NM.


Unfortunately there wasn't much wind so we almost had to motor-sail the entire way.


At 15.45h we moored in he small harbour of Pali at Nisiros,

there are only 4 yachts in the harbour at the moment.


Over the last 2 years they rebuild the harbour, with new quays and a new entrance.


Tommorow we're gonna rent some motorbikes and visit the volcano on this island.





Argo crew


30 October 2011

30 oct. 2011 : BOZUK BUKU - SYMI



Weather : Sunny ca.20°C

Wind : NW 3 Bf


In morning we walked up to the ruins of the old castle of ancient Loryma,

it's a nice view from up there.


Afterwards we were served some Turkish tea by Ali Baba.


At 10.45h we left the bay.


It was a tight reach to get to Symi,

we had to reef the genua and of course tack a lot,

because the wind was coming from the NW.


Again it was a nice day of sailing (ca.23 N.M.),

it was sunny with no clouds.


At 15.45h we anchored stern to on the quay in Symi,

there are only 7 yachts moored in this beautifull harbour.


This evening we're gonna search a nice Greek taverna for dinner.



Koen & the Argo-crew


29 okt. 2011 : Rhodos - Bozuk Buku


Weather : Sunny ca.21°C
Wind : NW 1-2 Bf increasing to NW 3-4 Bf.

After an early flight, we arrived at the Mandraki-harbour at 10.00h.

The weather is sunny with ca.20°C, nice autumnweather.

It's definitively after-season, because today there are only 4
charteryachts checking-in, the last yachts of this year !

After the check-in of our yacht (Bavaria 40 Cruiser "ARGO"), we left
the harbour at 13.00h.

The first our there wasn't much wind but afterwards the wind picked-up
and we had a very nice sail,
at 17.15h we moored at Ali Baba's pontoon in the bay of Bozuk Buku
(Bozukale) in Turkey.

It's the first pontoon when you enter the bay, under the ruins of the
old castle, there are 6 yachts moored here.

Ali Baba made us a simple, but tasty dinner (ca.20 Euro pp).

Tommrow Symi is our destination.

Koen, Koerel, Diane, Michel, Elvira & Bieke

09 October 2011

Sailing round Rhodos : 29 oct. - 5 nov. 2011


the first week of november we chartered a Bavaria 40 Cruiser,
for a week of sailing around Rhodos.

Hopefully the weather is still mild, the beginning of november.

As always you can follow our trip LIVE on this blog.



Pictures Argo-Saronic Sailing July 2011