07 November 2009

07-11-2009 Aegina - Marina Kalamaki Athens

Wind : 4 Bf SE
Weather : sunny with a few clouds 21 C

It was a nice last sailingday, we had sharp reach in the Athens-direction. In about 3 hrs we reached the Kalamaki Marina.
The Vernicos-people made a quick checkout of the boat, everything was ok.
Tommorowmorning we'll be flying home... So that was it for the Blue Cup 2009 ... A nice experience.

Koen and the crew

06-11-2009 Poros - Aegina

Wind : 3-4 Bf S
Weather : sunny 22 C

First day of free sailing, btw we ended 16th in our class.
We had a nice broad reach to Moni, an island were we anchored for an afternoon swim etc.
For the evening we moored in the harbour of Aegina.
Tommorow is our last sailing day ...
Grtz from Greece,
Kaldera's crew

05 November 2009

05-11-2009 Ermioni - Poros

Wind : 0-1 Bf
Weather : sunny 25 C

Today there was no wind, so the race was suspended.
Instead the crews did a dinghyrace at Mandraki in Hydra, it was a lot of fun.
During our journey we also held a waterballoonfight between the yachts, fun fun fun...
Now we're in Poros, tonight we have a closingparty with a priceceremony.

Koen & Kaldera crew

04-11-2009 Ermioni

Wind : 3-4 Bf
Weather : sunny 20 C

Finally it was sunny and warm !
With did 2 triangurlar races between Dhokos & Ermioni today, it was nice matchracing.
Unfortunately our boat is rather a charterboat then a racer, so it's not possible to compeet for the prices for us :-(
Today we arrived 16th in our class.
Btw the sea is still pretty warm, so swimming is no problem.


04 November 2009

03-11-2009 Poros - Ermioni

Wind : 5-8 Bf
Weather : overcast rain

It was very windy today, we had a sharp reach with winds to 8 Bf, along with some heavy rainshowers, it was working day.
We ended 14th in our class.
At night we had a Vernicos-diner with a small party with
all the crews ...

Koen & crew

02 November 2009

02-11-2009 Epidavros - Poros

Wind : 0-1 BF
Weather : Mostly sunny 15 C

First racing day, unfortunately nearly no wind. The start with 45 yachts was spectaclurar.
It was rather a day of floating around than sailing.
At 1700h at least half of the fleet didn't get to the finish in time. So no points for today.
We had to motor to Poros in the dark, under a full moon.
Hopefully we have better wind tommorow.

Kalispera from Poros,
Kaldera's crew

01 November 2009

01-11-2009 Athens - P.Epidavros

Wind : 4-6 Bf NNE
Weather : cloudy 13 C
Today we had to sail to Epidavros, were the race will start tommorow.
We had a very nice sail, but it was cold. At this moment al the 50 yachts are mooring in the small harbour of Palea Epidavros, unbelievable we are packed in the 3rd row, and there are more boats packed in front of us !
This evening it's the welcome diner, it's gonna be fun with all the different nationalities.

Grtz from Greece,
Kaldera's crew

29 October 2009

Program Vernicos Blue Cup 2009


Underneath the new program for the Blue Cup 2009 ;

Saturday, October 31st, 2009
16:00: Embarkation and check-in.

Sunday, November 1st, 2009
Free sailing to Palea Epidavros : 30 NM
19:00: Skippers’ meeting at Verdelis Inn
20:00: Traditional Greek dinner offered by V.Y. at Verdelis Inn.
(Drinks are not included.)

Monday, November2nd, 2009
1st Leg: Palea Epidavros – Poros :20,00 NM
10:00: Start of the race
21:00: Skippers’ meeting and the prizes of the day will be awarded at Syngros Building

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
2nd Leg: Poros – Soupia: 8,30 NM
10:00: Start of the race,
The yachts will pass the finishing line and continue racing the 3rd leg.
3rd Soupia – Ermioni: 11,55 NM
20:30: Skippers’ meeting and the prizes of the day will be awarded on the pier

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009
4th Leg: Inshore triangular race at Ermioni: 9,50 NM
09:00: Start of the race
5th Leg: Inshore triangular race at Ermioni: 9,50 NM
Start: After all boats finish race #4
20:00: Skippers’ meeting and the prizes of the day will be awarded at Dokos Island. Prizes of the day and Dinner at Ganosis Taverna (Drinks are not included.)

Thursday, November 5th, 2009
6th Leg: Ermioni – Hydra 09,00 NM
09:00: Start of the race
The yachts will pass the finishing line and continue racing the 7th leg.
7th Leg: Hydra – Poros: 13,00 NM

21:00: The prizes of the day will be awarded followed by the Closing Ceremony and the Grand Prize Giving at the New Aegli Hotel. Dinner will be offered by V.Y. (drinks are excluded).

Friday, November 6th – Sunday, November 9th, 2009
Free sailing & Check-out in Alimos Marina

We will update our blog LIVE from Greece, daily from sunday October 31st untill saturday November 8th.



30 September 2009

Vernicos BLUE CUP 31 oct. - 8 nov. 2009

Hey everyone,

From 31st of october untill the 8th of november we participate in the Blue Cup-Regatta, witch will be sailed around the Saronic Gulf in Greece.
We chartered a Beneteau Cyclades 39.3.

You will be able to follow our race on this blog, we will update it daily with stories & pictures.



31 May 2009

Kalymnos - Kos 31-05-2009

Wind : 4 Bf NW
Weather : Sunny Hot 29C

Left Vathi on Kalymnos at 10.15h. We had a nice backwindsail to Kos, to finish our holiday.
At 13.15h we arrived in the Kos-Marina, first we filled up diesel (137 ltrs) and than moored in the Marina.
Afterwards we visited Kos-town and his castle.
Tommorow-morning we fly back home ;-(

Grtz from Kos,
Penelope's Crew

Leros - Kalymnos 30-05-2009

Wind : variable 1-3 Bf NWW
Weather : Sunny 27C

Today first we had to motor, than had a nice sail, to finish the last hour under motor again.
At 13.30h we arrived in Vathi on Kalymnos. It's one of most beautifull small harbours in Greece. With ca.8 yachts the harbour is full, most of them are owneryachts.
Tommorow our last sailingday to Kos ...

Penelope's Crew

30 May 2009

Marathi - Leros 29-05-2009

Wind : 1 Bf N
Weather : sunny hot 28C

Today it's very hot, unfortunately no wind.
We motored our way down to Leros. At 13.45h we anchored in the bay of Pandeli for a swim and lunch.
At 17.00h we tried to moor in the harbour of Pandeli, but it's forbidden for yachts, only fisherboats are allowed.
So we anchored outside with a line to the rocks.
To view here is fantastic, with an castle on top of a mountain in a decor of whitewashed Greek houses.
Tommorow Kalimnos is on the program.

Penelope's crew

29 May 2009

Patmos - Marathi 28-05-2009

Wind : 3-4 Bf N
Weather : Sunny 25C

Today we rented some scooters (10 Euros/scooter) and explored Patmos.
Went to the famous Monastery etc...
Patmos is a very nice and calm island.
At 17.45h we hauled anchor and set sails for Marathi.
It was a very nice halfwindsail wit average speed of 8 knots. At 19.30h we arrived in the bay at Marathi. We had diner in the Pirate-taverna, nice atmosphere.

Koen & the crew

28 May 2009

Amorgos - Patmos 27-05-2009

Wind : 5-6 Bf N
Weather : sunny 25C

We started very early at 06.00h.
It was a very long & tough journey, we had to fight our way against wind & waves.
2 times we had a brief visit from dolphins.
At 15.00h we arrived in Patmos, it was very windy in the harbour.
Had a nice diner in a local fishtaverna, with lot of freshly caught seacreatures on the menu.
Tommorow gonna rent some scooters to explore the island.

Penelope's Crew

26 May 2009

Amorgos 26-05-2009

Wind : 4 Bf N
Weather : Sunny 26C

Today we stayed on Amorgos, rented some scooters to explore the island (price 12 Euro/scooter).
Amorgos is a beautifull island.
First visited the Monastery, it's an unbelievable masterpiece of construction.
Afterwards went to Aegali and Chora, nice Cycladic villages.

Koen & the crew

Paros - Amorgos 25-05-2009

Wind : 1-2 Bf N / 3-4 Bf NE
Weather : sunny 24C

Today we had our longest trip, 52 N.Miles.
Because the wind was variable the motor had to accompany during this trip.
At 1600h we arrived in Katapola on Amorgos.
There are a lot of yachts on the quay, most of them owneryachts.
Tommorow we're gonna explore the island on a scooter.

Penelope's crew

25 May 2009

Sifnos - Paros 24-05

Wind : 1-2 Bf N
Weather : sunny hot 26C

Today it was hot, unfortunately there was little wind, so the motor had to help us.
Underway we took a swim and we also saw a school of dolphins.
At 1400h we arrived in the bay of Naoussa on Paros.
First we anchored and took a swim in Ormos Ioannou.
At 1700h we moored in the marina of Naoussa, which is still under construction.
The village is a beautifull Cycladic Harbour, nice atmosphere.
Tommorow we will set course to Amorgos.

Koen & the crew

24 May 2009

Kythnos - Syros 23-05

Wind : 1-2 Bf N
Weather : sunny 25C

Today nearly no wind, so we had to motor the trip to Syros. Halfway we had the company of a dolphin, magical !
At 12.00h we arrived in Finikas on Syros. Argolis arranged for the genua to be repaired, at 17.00h everything was up and running again, nice job from the company !
For the rest it was a lazy day with swimming and relaxing ;-)
Tommorow Paros is on the program.

Penelope's Crew

22 May 2009

KYTHNOS Loutra 22-05

Wind : 6Bf N
Weather : Sunny 23C

Today we stayed in Kythnos because the wind and the waves were to rough.
A German yacht who left was towed back in a few hours later, with rudderproblems, by a fisherman. So the crew was happy we stayed in Loutra today.
Tommorow our destination is Syros, Argolis is gonna repair our genua over there.
This evening we're enjoy the nice Greek food again in a local taverna ;-)

Koen, Koerel, Diane, Hans, Rob, Dirk & Nadine