31 May 2015



Weather : sunny 23°C
Wind : 3 - 4 Bf N (gusts 5 Bf)
Log : 21,2 NM

After a quiet night under anchor we left our anchorage at 9.30.

After 30 min. we took up a buoy at the 'Mir'-bay,
in the Telascica-National Park.

We went ashore and took a walk to the Mir-saltlake,
and afterwards to the cliff-edge.
When visiting Telascica this walk is a must !

We left Telescica-bay at 11.50.

The wind came aft, so we had an easy broad-reach.

After rounding the South-part of Pasman,
we achored in the Zaklopika-bay to have lunch.

At 16.30 we hauled anchor and made the small crossing over to Biograd N.M.

First we filled up our Diesel-tank at the gasstation in Biograd,
we used up ca. 33 liters this week (9,53 Kuna/liter = ca.1,25 €/liter : total = 41 €)

At 17.30 we moored in the Kornati Marina in Biograd NM.
The guys at Burin YC did where fast with the check-out,
everything was OK with our yacht.

At night we did a long walk (ca.30-40 min.) to the Orkula restaurant,
we had a very nice diner (with big portions).
For us it was well worth the walk.
(ca. 20 € pp)

Grtz from Croatia,
Annelies, Ben, Diane, Koerel & Koen

30 May 2015


28 - 05 - 2015 KORNAT - TELASCICA

Weather : sunny 22°C
Wind : 3 - 4 Bf NNW
Log : 13,5 NM

After breakfast we left Bebans' quay, at 10.50.

The first part we motored through the Kornats,
after an hour we set sail and had a very nice sailing trip.

At 13.00 we entered the large bay of Telascica on the island of Dugi Otok (entrance fee ca. 50 € per day).

We dropped anchor in NE-part of the bay, at 14.00.

After a day of relaxing in the sun, we had a very nice spaghetti-diner on board in the evening.

Grtz from Croatia,
Koen & the crew

28 May 2015

27-05-2015 SMOKVICA - KORNAT

27 - 05 - 2015 SMOKVICA - KORNAT

Weather : sunny, afternoon clouds 22°C
Wind : 5 - 7 Bf NNE
Log : 8,5 NM

In the night the wind picked up to force 5 with gusts of 7 Bf.
So it can be real stormy outside on open sea.

We waited untill noon before we left Lojena-bay.

We reefed both our sails and had a nice windy trip along the Kornat island.

We arrived quickly at our destination,
Lopatica - bay on Kornat.

At 14.00 we picked up a mooring at the quay of the Beban - konoba.

At night we had nearly 2 kg of fresh fish on the grill,
it was very tasteful.
(ca.30 € pp )

Grtz from Croatia,
Koen & the crew

27 May 2015


26 - 05 - 2015 SKRADIN - SMOKVICA

Weather : sunny 22°C
Wind : 1-3 Bf WNW
Log : 29,3 NM

First we did a walk through Skradin, this morning.
It's a nice Croatian town.

At 10.00 we left Skradin.
Because the first 2 hours we had to motor through the canal towards the sea, we had breakfast on board.

Once we were back on the sea we set sails and took course for the Kornati-islands.

With a sharp reach we sailed most of the trip,
the last half hour our motor had help us out.

At 15.50 we arrived in the bay of Lojena on the island of Smokvica.

We took up a mooring at the Piccolo konoba.
This is one of the most picturesque places we've ever been to with a boat.

At night we had dinner in this Konoba, nice.
(ca. 30 € pp )

Grtz from Croatia,
Koen & the crew

26 May 2015

25-05-2015 KAPRIJE - SKRADIN

25 - 05 - 2015 KAPRIJE - SKRADIN

Weather : cloudy and few raindrops 20°C
Wind : 1-2 Bf NNW
Log : 17,8 NM

After breakfast we left the Medas-bay at 09.40.

Today the weather isn't so good, cloudy overcast and a few rainy spells.

There isn't much wind so we motored the whole trip.

We went past Sibenik and followed the canal to Skradin.

At 13.45 we moored in the ACI Marina of Skradin (price 65 € for our yacht).

At 1500 we took the excursionboat to the waterfalls of Krka.
When you are in Skradin you have to visit this falls, they are spectacular ! (entrance 13 € pp)

At night we ate some Peka at Toni, this typical Croatian recept is delicious (you have to reserve it ca. 2 hours in advance).
(ca. 20 € pp)

Grtz from Croatia,
Koen & the crew

25 May 2015



Weather : sun and clouds 22°
Wind : 2-3 Bf NNW
Log : 18,8 NM

After breakfast we left the marina at 10.30.

The weather today was more sunny than expected.

We almost sailed the entire trip, with a broad reach towards Kaprije.

At 15.45 we arrived in the bay of Medos on Kaprije.
We moored at the quay of the Kunjka restaurant,
today we are the only guestboat in this wonderfull deserted bay.

At night we had a nice diner in this restaurant
(ca. 25 € pp)

Grtz from Croatia,
Koen & the crew

24 May 2015

23-05-2015 BIOGRAD NA MURO

23-05-2015 BIOGRAD NA MURO
Weather : cloudy with sunny periods 21°C

At 17.00 we arrived in the marina of Biograd na muro.

The check-in was swift, our yacht "LU" is in excellent condition.
Afterwards the crew went shopping for provision,
in the Konzum supermarket.

At night we had a nice dinner in restaurant Guste.
(ca. 25 € pp)

This night it rained a lot!

Grtz from Croatia,
Koen & the crew