06 November 2010

Sat. 6 November - Hydra - Kalamaki Athens

Hydra - Alimos Marina Kalamaki Athens

Weather : Sunny ca.25°C.
Wind : N 0-1 Bf.

Again, nearly no wind.

So we motored our way to Athens.

In Kalamaki the Vernicos-staff did a quick check-out,
everything was OK.

Still the weather here is summerly & thirsty ...

So, this ends a sunny Blue Cup with no wind,
Greetz from Greece,

Koen, Freddy, Brady, Rob, Michel & Elvira

Fri. 5 November - Porto Cheli - Hydra

Porto Cheli - Hydra

Weather : Sunny ca.25°C.
Wind : N 0-1 Bf.

No wind today,
so we motored along the Greek-coast.

We saw a seaturtle swimming past our boat,
and for 2 times in the past week we spotted some dolphins.

In the afternoon we anchored in a wonderful bay on Dhokos,
for swimming, snorkeling & relaxing in the sun...

For the night we went to Hydra,
one of the most beautifull harbours in Greece.

Today it was so hot, it felt like summer,
we even had dinner outside this evening.


Koen & the crew

05 November 2010

Thur.4 November - Ermioni - Porto Cheli

Ermioni - Porto Cheli

Weather : Sunny ca.24°C.
Wind : SE 1 Bf.

Very light winds, but the officials decided to do a shortened race.
You couldn’t call it sailing it was more floating around,
so after 4 ours we floated over the finish.

So we ended this Blue Cup 10th in our class.

This Blue Cup had ideal sunny & summerly weather,
but unfortunately NO wind ... and that’s the ingredient you need for a regatta.

At night we had theVernicos-party at the Cosmos Hotel.

Now we have 2 days of free sailing to get back to Athens...
with this weather it’s gonna be swimming & sailing I think.


Koen & the crew

04 November 2010

Wed.3 November - Poros - Ermioni

Poros - Soupia - Ermioni

Weather : Sunny with clouds ca.21°C.
Wind : SSE 1-2 Bf.

Again light winds, but we tried to do a race.

Halfway our position was good, we were in the firs half of the field,
but after 4 hours of sailing the raceofficials, cancelled the race.

So again nobody ended today.

In the afternoon we took a swim in the bay of N.Soupia,
there also was a fun-rowboat-race in the bay.

At night Vernicos arranged dinner at the Gianosis Taverna.

Tommorow it’s the last day of racing, let’s pray for some wind !


Koen & the crew

03 November 2010

Tue.2 November - Methana - Poros

Methana - Poros

Weather : Sunny with clouds ca.21°C.
Wind : NE 1-2 Bf.

Unfortunately another day with light winds.

It was a race with slow-sailing today.

We ended 9th in our class, not good/not bad.

At night we had a tastefull dinner at Taverna Karavolos.

Tommorow there isn’t much wind to be expected, let’s hope this forecast is wrong.


Koen & the crew

02 November 2010

Mon.1 November - Palea Epidavros - Methana

Palea Epidavros - Methana

Weather : Sunny with a few clouds ca.21°C.
Wind : N 1 Bf.

Today was our first race, but we were unlucky with the wind.
No yacht managed to pass the finishline within the timelimit, ther was simply not enough wind.

The Last two hours of the day we had to motor in the dark to reach the harbour of Methana.

At night we had a nice dinner at Taverna Babis.


Koen & the crew