03 November 2018

02-11-2018 AEGINA - Marina Kalamaki ATHENS

02-11-2018 AEGINA - Marina Alimos Kalamaki ATHENS

Weather : Sunny, 27°C
Wind : 0-1 Bf  / afternoon gusts to 3-4 Bf N
Log : 19 NM

This morning we rented a car to drive to the ancient temple of Aphaia,
always a nice excursion.

At noon we left the harbour of Aegina.

At first we had to motor because of no wind.
After 2 hours we finally could sail for an hour, it was fun.

At 16.10h we arrived in the big marina of Alimos Kalamaki,
the guys from Kerkeris Yachting helped us dock and did the check-out.

At night we had our final Greek-diner at Vassilis, a 5 minute walk from the marina.

To close the evening we had a some drinks on the beach at the Edem-bar.

Grtz from Athens,
Ippolitti's crew
Marie Therese, Hugo, Kris, Geert, Bart, Johan & Koen

02 November 2018

0 1-11-2018 KORFOS - AEGINA

0 1-11-2018 KORFOS - AEGINA

Weather : Sunny, 27°C
Wind : 0-1 Bf
Log : 17,9 NM

This morning wevleft Korfos at 9.20.
The weather is sunny and warm, but again there's no wind.

Our first stop was a bay on the southside of the island of Angistri.
We all had a nice swim.

At 1450 we arrived in the harbour of Aegina, we luckely took one of the last places on the quay.
It's busy in this harbour.

At night we had a lovely diner in the backstreets of Aegina.

Grtz from Aegina,
Ippolitti's crew
Marie Therese, Hugo, Kris, Geert, Bart, Johan & Koen

01 November 2018

31-10-2018 GALAXIDI - KORFOS

31-10-2018 GALAXIDI - KORFOS

Weather : Sunny, 25°C
Wind : 0-1 Bf
Log : 58,1 NM

Today we left early, at 630.
We had breakfast while underway.
There was no wind, so we had to motor.

The weather was summerly,  hot and sunny.

At 1330 we had permission to enter the Corinth canal,
it's a very impressive passage.
We had to pay 175 € (Greek charteryacht 13m).

Afterwards we anchored in a small bay to have some lunch and a swim.

At 1715 we arrived in the bay of Korfos.
We moored at the quay of George's restaurant, we were the only yacht.
At night Papa George and his wife made us a delicious diner.

Grtz from Korfos,
Ippolitti's crew
Marie Therese, Hugo, Kris, Geert, Bart, Johan & Koen

31 October 2018



Weather : Sun and clouds, 24°C
Wind : 1-2 Bf E
Log : 31,4 NM

After a short walk through Nafpaktos, we left the harbour around 9.30.

There was nearly no wind, so we had to motor again for the whole trip.
So we had time to make a nice spagetti-diner on board.
At 1600, we anchored stern-to on the quay in Galaxidi.

Galaxidi is a very nice town, with a nice yachting-quay, we payed 7 € per night and 7 € for water and electricity.

At night we a nice diner at the O Bebelis-taverna.

Grtz from Galaxidi,

Ippolitti's crew
Marie Therese, Hugo, Kris, Geert, Bart, Johan & Koen

30 October 2018



Weather : Sun and high clouds, 21°C
Wind : 4-5 Bf E
Log : 26,2 NM

After breakfast we left at 1015.

The whole day the wind and the current were against us,
So we had no the choice than to motor this entire leg.

Today we passed under the Rion-bridge, impressive.

At we moored in the small, beautiful Mideval harbour of Nafpaktos.
Nafpaktos is a nice lively Greek town.

At night we had a very tasteful diner at 'Captain Cook'.

Grtz from Nafpakos,
Ippolitti's crew
Marie Therese, Hugo, Kris, Geert, Bart, Johan & Koen

29 October 2018



Weather : cloudy with sunny spells, 21°C
Wind : 4-5 Bf
Log : 41,2 NM

After breakfast we left at 900 in Kalamos.

Today we made a long trip, hslf under motor and half sailing.
The wind and waves came in from the south , so it was a bumpy ride.
Afterwards our course was East, witch was ideal for a fast sail.

At 1630 we moored alongside the quay in Messolonghi, we're the only visiting yacht today.
At night we walked in to town, ca.10 min walk.
We had a fantastic Greek diner in taverna Ola Xymo, very tasteful !

Grtz from Kalamos,
Ippolitti's crew

28 October 2018

27-10-2018 PREVEZA - KALAMOS

27-10-2018 PREVEZA - KALAMOS

Weather : sunny and clouds, 23°C
Wind : 0-1 Bf
Log : 28,3 NM

After an early flight we arrived at 9.00 in Preveza.

In the Preveza-city-marina Dimitris from Kekeris-yachts was already waiting for us.
Some of us did the check-in, while the others went groceryshopping.

After a small lunch on board, we left Preveza at 11.45.
It was a short hop to Lefkas, where we arrived just in time for the opening of the bridge to access the Lefkas-canal.

Afterwards we tried to sail, but there wasn't enough wind, so our motor had to help us out.

Around 17.00 we arrived in Kalamos, there are only 4 yachts here, so we went alongside the quay. Because it's the end of the season, Taverna George in the harbour iscalready closed.
At night we found a simple Greek Taverna, up in the old town. We had a nice 'Greeksalad-souvlaki'-meal.

Grtz from Kalamos,
Ippolitti's crew

21 October 2018

Saling from Preveza to Athens 27/10 - 03/11/2018


From the 27th of october untill the 3th of november, we're sailing in Greece,
a one-way trip from Preveza to Athens.

We chartered an Elan Impression 434.

As always you'll be able to follow our journey everyday live on this blog.



16 September 2018



Weather : sunny, 27°C
Wind : 0-1 Bf
Log : 23 NM

At 10.00, after breakfast, we left Palea Trikeri.
It was sunny with no wind, so it was a hot day.

Our first anchorage was the bay of Zasteni, ca. 6 NM from P. Trikeri.
It's one of the most pictoresque bays of the Magnessia-region.
We all had a few swims and a nice lunch on board, it was a lazy sunny afternoon.

At 15.30 we hauled anchor, and set for our last leg of the week.
There still was no wind so we had to motor the entire trip to Volos.

At 17.45 we moored at the city-quay of Volos. The people of Mixit were already waiting for us. While they checked-out the boat, we fueled her up (ca. 50 litres of diesel). Everything was Ok.

At night we had a superb Greek diner at the Stafylos-taverna, a 5 minute walk from the quay. When in Volos you have to try it out ! It was veeeeery taaaasty !

To summarize, we have to say that it again was a very beautiful region to sail in, not to overly touristy, very friendly locals, nice food, a yacht in a super condition ... we can say we had a perfect sailing holiday !

Greetings from Volos,
Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel, Diane, Koerel en Koen

25 May 2018


24-05-2018 LOUTRAKI Skopelos - PALEA TRIKERI

Weather : am cloudy, pm sunny, 27°C
Wind : 4 Bf NW / after 1 Bf
Log : 32,2 NM

This morning the weather was cloudy, but with a good wind.
So at 9.45h we left Loutraki, and immediately set sails.

With a nice sharpreach-sail, our boat easily got speeds around 8 knots.
About halfway of our trip the wind suddenly died down,
so our motor had to help us out again.

At 1445h we anchored at the quay of the small harbour of Palea Trikeri.
Part of the crew made the nice walk to the monastery.

At night we had a delicious shrimp-spagetthi-diner at the Diavlos taverna.

Greetings from Palea Trikeri,
Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel, Diane, Koerel en Koen