28 September 2019

27-09-2019 Poros – Athens

27-09-2019 Poros – Athens / Alimos Marina Kalamaki

Weather : sunny, 26°C
Wind : N 1-2
Log : 30,7 NM

At 9.00 we left Poros, there’s nearly no wind so our engine has to help us out.

At 11.00 we anchored in the bay of Ag. Marina in Aegina.
It’s a nice bay, ideal for lunch and a last swimstop on your way to Athens.

At 16.15 we arrived in the Alimos Marina Kalamaki in Athens.
Dimitris was waiting for us, he did the check-out and everything was OK.

Afterwards we went for a last Greek-diner to he Tavern on the beach,
opposite of the Poseidon Hotel. Again very nice food with a wonderfull view.

It was a very nice week in the Saronic !

Grtz from Athens,
Daniela & Koen

27 September 2019

26-09-2019 Poros

26-09-2019 Poros

Weather: sunny 26 C

Today we'd stayed on Poros.

It was a day of relaxing, shopping and eating & drinking.

At night we had a very nice fish-diner at the Apagio taverna.

Grtz from Poros,

Daniela & Koen 

26 September 2019

25-09-2019 Aegina – Poros

25-09-2019 Aegina – Poros

Weather : sunny, 26°C
Wind : N 1-2
Log : 16,9 NM

This morning it was sunny again.

At 10.15h we left Aegina,
there isn’t much wind so we motor South to Poros.

At 12.10h we anchor in Russian bay on Poros for a swim,
the seawater has a nice temperature of ca. 23 C.

At 14.30h we move on.
We moored at southern townquay of Poros-town.

We're alongside of a pirate ship, type ‘Black Pearl’.

Poros has always been on of our favourite Greek islands.

At night we watched the sunset from the Poseidon taverna,
the food here is delicious as always.

Grtz from Poros,
Daniela & Koen

25 September 2019

24-09-2019 Vathi Methana - Aegina

24-09-2019 Vathi Methana - Aegina

Weather : overcast with rain, 25°C
Wind : N 1-2
Log : 12,7 NM

This morning there still was a little bit of sun,
but after breakfast it got totally overcast.

We decided to set course for Aegina-town because it’s no weather for swimming.

Halfway our trip it started to rain and we had some thunder and lightning!

At 13.00h we arrived in Aegina, the harbour was almost full we took one of
the last spots.
It kept raining until 16.00h.

Afterwards we did some windowshopping in the streets of Aegina and of course
went for a frappe with view of the harbour.

The harbourfee for our boat was 4,20 €.

At night we went for diner at To Dromaki, located past the church right on the beach.
Nice Greek cuisine,  everything was very tasteful!

Grtz from Aegina-town,
Daniela & Koen

24 September 2019

23-09-2019 Angistri Megalochori – Vathi Methana

23-09-2019 Angistri Megalochori – Vathi Methana

Weather : Sunny, 25°C
Wind : N 1-2
Log : 9,9 NM

After breakfast we went to the supermarket in centre of the small village,
It’s a picturesque Greek village.

At 11.50h we hauled our anchor.

After half and hour we dropped our anchor in the bay of Aponisos,
in the SW of Angistri, for a swim. The water is turquoise and quiet warm, 23 C.

Later we motored on the volcanic peninsula of Methana.

In the west we moored in the small harbour of Vathi,
a true sailorsparadise. But there is only space for ca.16 yachts.
So it’s getting full early in the afternoon.

We payed 6 € for 1 night incl. shorepower.

From your boat you literally step into the taverna.
They serve nice and simple Greek food and of course fish.

Grtz from Vathi on Methana,
Daniela & Koen

23 September 2019

22-09-2019 Marina Alimos – Angistri

22-09-2019 Marina Alimos – Angistri Megalochori

Weather : Sunny, 25°C
Wind : N 2 – 3 Bf / Afternoon 1 Bf
Log : 21,7 NM

After breakfast we left the marina at 10.15h.

There was a little bit of wind so we motorsailed with our genoa.

At ca. 13.50h we moored in the the harbour of Megalochori on Angistri.
It’s a nice quiet town with good facilities for sailors.
There are ca. a dozen yachts moored here.
We payed 4,20 € for a 35 foot yacht.

In the afternoon we went for a swim in the sea.
The Amaryllis hotel has nice beachchairs on the beach,
for free when you have a drink.

At night we had a nice  diner in the ‘Kafenes to Mantraki'.
From the terras you have a wonderful view over the Saronic gulf.

Grtz from Angistri,
Daniela & Koen

22 September 2019

21-09-2019 Marina Alimos Kalamaki (Athens)

21-09-2019 Marina Alimos Kalamaki (Athens)

Weather : Sunny, 23°C
Wind : N 4-5 Bf
Log : 0 NM

After a 3h flight we arrived at Athens airport, at ca. 14.15h.
We took a taxi to the Marina, ca.45 min., price 35 €.

The staff at MG Yachts welcomed us warm.
We did a swift check-in with Dimitris.
Semeli, a Sun Odyssey 35 is not the newest yacht, but with all the mod-comfs.

Afterwards we went to the Sklavenitis supermarket just outside the marina, across the street.

At 1900h we went for diner at the Tavern, across from the Poseidon hotel.
The tables are on the beach, an the sunset is magnificent.
They serve very nice food, it was very tasty and the price was normal.
Afterwards the small dessert was on the house!

At night it’s becomes colder, ca. 17 C.

Grtz from Alimos Athens ,
Daniela & Koen

08 September 2019

SARONIC Islands 21st - 28th September 2019


From the 21st untill the 28th of september, we're sailing in Greece,
a trip from Athens, through the Saronic islands.

We chartered a Sun Odyssey 35 from MG Yachts.

As always you'll be able to follow our journey everyday live on this blog.