16 June 2014

Croatia - June 2014 - 254 NM

Dobar dan,

To summarize our trip we have to say that the South Dalmatian region is well worth a sailingtrip,
we logged a total of 254 N.M.

In the beginning of June there's enough of free space in the harbours and Marina's.

The prices in the restaurants are on Middle-European-level.

Waypoint-yachtcharter has proven to be a reliable charter-company,
our older yacht was well maintained and in perfect condition.

Underneath you'll find some Panorama-pictures :
1 : Trogir
2 : Okuklje (Mljet)
3 : Kobas (Peljesac)
4 : Zaklopatica (Lastovo)
5 : Sesula (Solta)

Do Videna,


15 June 2014

10-06-2014 Solta - Trogir

10-06-2014 Solta - Trogir

Weather : sunny 32°C
Wind : am NW 0-1 / pm W 1 - 2
Log : 11,3 NM

After breakfast we first had a swim, because today it's a short trip, we had all the time in the world.

At 11.40h we left Sesula-bay.

After almost an hour we anchored in Krknjas-bay on Veli Drvenik, for a swimstop.
The water is beautiful turquoise,  and looks like we're in the Caribbean.
At 14.15h we hauled our anchor and set sail for the last part of our trip, after half an hour the wind died completely down and our motor had to help us out.

At 15.40h we arrived in Trogir.
First we fueled up the boat at the Fuel station,
we used up 115 litres for a cost of 1115 Kunas (150 €).

In the evening we strolled around in the old town of Trogir, it's impressively beautiful ... a total must.
We had diner at Konoba Idro in the old town,
nice food for a normal price (ca.20 € pp).

At night we had a few drinks to remember this nice trip.

Grtz from Croatia,
Skip Koen, Koerel, Diane, Rob, Dipmala & Roel.

10 June 2014

09-06-2014 Sv.Klement - Solta

09-06-2014 Sv. Klement - Solta

Weather : sunny 31°C
Wind : am N 0-1 / pm W 2-3
Log : 19,3 NM

After breakfast we first had a nice swim in Tarsce-bay, the water was fantastic.

At 11.30h we hauled our anchor.

After an hour we set our sails and had a nice sharp reaching sail.

At 15.15h we picked up a buoy at Sismis-restaurant in Sesula bay on the island of Solta.
This is one of most beautiful bays we've seen during this trip.

In evening we had diner with a view at Sismis,
the food was tasty (ca.29 € pp).

Grtz from Croatia,
Skip Koen & crew

09 June 2014

08-06-2014 Lastovo - Sv.Klement

08-06-2014 Lastovo - Sv. Klement

Weather : sunny 29°C
Wind : am N 0-1 / pm W 3-4
Log : 41 NM

After breakfast we left Lastovo at 10.00h.

The first 2 hours of the trip we had to motor along,
in the afternoon the west wind picked up and we had a super sailing day.

On the way we saw a sea turtle and 2 times a small school of dolphins.

At 17.20h we anchored in the bay of Tarsce on the island of Sv.Klement.

In the evening we walked to the Dionis konoba, which lies in a unique setting (ca.20 € pp).

Grtz from Croatia,
Aldo's crew

08 June 2014

07-06-2014 Mljet - Lastovo

07-06-2014 Mljet - Lastovo

Weather : sunny 29°C
Wind : am N 0-1 / pm W 3-4
Log : 25 NM

At 9.45h we left Polace.

In the morning there was no wind, and in the afternoon, just before we arrived, the wind picked up from W, right on the nose.
So the motor helped us out the entire trip.

The weather is hot again, summer is coming!

At 13.20h we moored at the Konoba Triton at Zaklopatica on Lastovo.
Triton has nice facilities for sailors : moorings, showers, water, electricity, ...

Some of the crew walked to the old village of Lastovo, 2km uphill.

In the evening we had a very nice dinner, with a lot of seafood,  at Triton (28 € pp).

Grtz from Croatia,
Aldo's crew

07 June 2014

06-06-2014 Peljesac - Mljet

06-06-2014 Peljesac - Mljet

Weather : sunny 30°C
Wind : am N 0-1 / pm W 2-3
Log : 20,5 NM

At 10.05h we left Kobas.

In the morning there was no wind,
so we went on motor the entire trip.

Today the weather is hot.

At 13.30h we picked up a mooring at the Konoba Antika in Polace,
we are moored opposite to the ruins of the ancient Roman palace.

In the afternoon we visited the monastery Sv. Marija wich lies on a lake, some 3km from Polace. The trip (bus & boat) is included in the entrance fee of the Mljet National Park (12 €).

In the evening we had a very tasteful dinner at Antika (23 € pp).

Grtz from Croatia,
Aldo's crew

06 June 2014

05-06-2014 Dubrovnik - Peljesac

05-06-2014 Dubrovnik - Peljesac

Weather : sunny 28°C
Wind : am N 0-1 / pm W 3
Log : 24,6 NM

At 10.25h we left the ACI-marina from Dubrovnik.
(we payed 76 € for 1 night / Bavaria 44)

The first half of trip we sailed,
afterwards our motor had to help us out.

At 14.20h we went alongside the quay in Ston on the Peljesac peninsula.
In Ston we visited the 'Chinese wall of Dalmatia' it's the longest defense wall in Europe, ca. 5,5km. Impressive.

At 16.15h we left Ston for the small bay of Kobas,
were we arrived at 16.50h.

We moored at the quay of Luka's Taverna.
At night they served us a very nice dinner (ca. 20 € pp).

Kobas is an idyllic place.

Grtz from Croatia,
Aldo's crew

05 June 2014

04-06-2014 Mljet - Dubrovnik

04-06-2014 Mljet - Dubrovnik

Weather : sunny 26°C
Wind : am N 0-1 / pm W 3
Log : 21 NM

We left Mljet at 9.45h.
There was nearly no wind, so we had to go on motor the entire trip.
At 12.40h we moored in the ACI-marina of Dubrovnik,
it lies on the river Dubrovacka, some 6 km from the old town of Dubrovnik.
It's one of the most beautiful marinas of the ACI-group.

At 15.30 we took the bus to Dubrovnik (every 25 min. / price ca.2 € one way)

A visit to Dubrovnik is a must, it's one of the most beautiful old towns in the world ! Truly the pearl of the Adria.

At 20.00h we took the bus back to the marina and had a nice sundowner on board.

Grtz from Croatia,
Aldo's crew

04 June 2014

03-06-2014 Korcula - Mljet

03-06-2014 Korcula - Mljet

Weather : sunny 24°C
Wind : am N 1 / pm W 3-4
Log : 28,5 NM

In the morning we visited the old town of Korcula, the birthplace of Marco Polo ... it's a must.

At 11.15h we left Korcula.
We sailed the whole trip to Mljet, we had an easygoing broad reach.
At 16.50h we entered the bay of Okuklje on Mljet.
We took up a mooring at the Maran-konoba.

Afterwards we walked up to the old chapel on the hill,
from up here you have a great view on this wonderful bay.

At  night we had a superb dinner at Maran,
they made us a 'peka' with fresh fish, not cheap but worth it (ca.35€ pp)

Grtz from Croatia,
Aldo's crew

03 June 2014

02-06-2014 Sv.Klement - Korcula

02-06-2014 Sv.Klement - Korcula

Weather : sunny 23°C
Wind : am N 1 / pm W 3-4
Log : 36,2 NM

After breakfast we made a walk to the Botanic garden, close to the marina.
At 10.40h we left the marina, there was nearly no wind so we had to motor for a while.
In the afternoon the wind picked up and we had a nice sail, with a broad reach.
We also saw a school of dolphins.

We arrived at the ACI-marina from Korcula at 16.10h.

In the evening we made a walk through the very pretty old town of Korcula.
We had a tasty dinner at 'Marco Polo' (ca.20 € pp)

Grtz from Croatia,
Aldo's crew