13 November 2013

Apps for sailing in Greece & the Med


Because on our last sailingtrips every taverna offered free WI-FI for their customers,
it's easy to check the latest weatherreports etc.

I used the following apps on my Android-phone :

Apps for weather (free):
- Poseidon
- Meteo Sail Greece
- Windfinder

App for navigation (price ca. 20 Euro) :
- Navionics Marine Europe

Hope it's helpful,

11 November 2013

Pictures Sail KOS - ATHENS oct.2013


Underneath you'll find some panorama-pictures and a collection of photo's taken last week on our sailingtrip from Kos to Athens.

Panorama-pictures :
1) Kardamena on Kos
2) Skala on Astypaleia
3) Ios
4) Kamares on Sifnos



02 November 2013


Fri. 1 nov. 2013  

Log : 37,1 NM
Wind : N 5-6 Bf
Weather : sunny 22 ºC  

We hauled anchor and left Poros at 1000h.

The first part of the trip we motored North along Aegina's westside.

Afterwards we had fast sharp sail towards Athens.

At 1700h we moored in the big Alimos Marina.
The people of Kerkeris-yachts did a swift checkout, our yacht was ok.  

This was a week with supersailing and we were lucky with the sunny weather.
The only disadvantage this season is that it gets dark early in the evening.  

We logged a total of 257,6 NM this week.

Grtz from Hellas,  

Bieke Steven Elvira Michel Diane Koerel Koen

01 November 2013

31-10-2013 SIFNOS - POROS

Thur. 31 oct. 2013  


Log : 67,9 NM
Wind : N 5 - 6 Bf
Weather : sunny 23ºC  

This morning we left at 0430h, because it's a long way to Poros.  

It was our best sailingday of the year,
we started with easysailing in the dark under a sky filled with stars,
afterwards it was more heavy sailing with a sharp reach and a bumpy sea.

We sailed for ca. 11 hours with an everage speed of nearly 7 knots.  

At 1600h we anchored on the south-quay in Poros.  

Poros is more busy than the other islands this week ... there are a lot of yachts anchored here.  

Now we're having a very nice diner at the Apagio-taverna.  


31 October 2013

30-10-2013 IOS - SIFNOS

Wed. 30 oct.2013  

IOS - SIFNOS Kamares  

Log : 38,1 NM
Wind : N 3 Bf
Weather : sunny 23 ºC  

After a short hike on Ios, we left Ios at 1030h.  
The weather is sunny with a nice breece.  

We had a nice sail towards Sifnos, it feels like summer-sailing.
For a moment we sailed our topspeed for this week : 12,2 knots !  

At 1700h we moored alongside at the qauy in Kamares on Sifnos.
We're the only yacht in town.  

This evening Diane and Elvira cooked us a nice spagetti-dinner on board.  

Today we have to go to bed early,
because we have to leave early this night.

Grtz, Koen & crew

30 October 2013

29-10-2013 ASTYPALEIA - IOS

Tue. 29 oct.2013


Log : 60,4 NM
Wind : N 1 - 2 Bf
Weather : sun and clouds 21 ºC

We left Astypaleia early in the morning, because today it's a long trip.
There isn't much wind so our engine had to help us out.

We didn't reach the harbour before darkness, so we experienced a beautifull sunset at sea.

At 1900h local time we moored in the harbour of Ios.
There are 3 sailingyachts on the quay today.

Afterwards we again had a nice diner, at the Niotissa Meze-Meze taverna (right behind the yachtquay).

Yassas from Ios,


29 October 2013

28-10-2013 ASTYPALEIA



Weather : sunny 22ºC

Today we stayed in Astypaleia.
We walked to the old castle, the views from up there are spectacular.
The rest of the day we relaxed ... some of us had a swim.

At night we had a dillicious spagetti with lobster at the Maistrali-taverna.

Grtz from Greece,

Koen & the crew

28 October 2013


Sun. 27 oct.2013  


Log : 42,3 NM
Wind : NNW 5 Bf
Weather : sunny 22 ºC  

After breakfast, we left Pali at 1030h.  

The sea was pretty rough and we had a sharp reach towards Astypaleia.
It wasn't ideal that the waves were kicking in on the side of our ship, it wasn't comfortable at all.
So we had a few seasick people on board.

After a fast sail we arrived in Skala on Astypaleia at 1700h.
We moored in the new yachtharbour.  

At night we had a nice dinner at the Maistrali-taverna,
eating out in Greece is still cheap, we payed ca. 17 Euro pro person (incl. starters, main course, small dessert, beers, wine, etc.).  

Yassas from Astypaleia,

27 October 2013

26-10-2013 KOS - NISYROS

Sat. 26 oct.2013  


Log : 11,3 NM
Wind : NNW 4 Bf
Weather : sunny 23 ºC  

After an early flight we arrived at 1100h in Kardamena on Kos.

Our boat wasn't ready yet, they were still cleaning it.   So we went for a drink...  

At 1500h we checked-in our yacht, a Bavaria 50 'Aiolos'.  

We left Kardamena at 15.30h.

There was a nice wind blowing, so we had a fast broad reach towards Nisyros.  
At 17.15h we dropped anchor in the small harbour of Pali.
There are 4 yachts moored in the harbour.

In the evening we had a tasty Greek-dinner at the Aphrodite-taverna.  

Grtz from Nisyros,

Koen and the crew

12 September 2013

KOS - ATHENS : 26 Oct. - 2 Nov. 2014


From the 26th of October untill the 2nd of November
we're sailing a Bavaria 50 from Kos through the Cyclades to Athens.

Of course you can follow our journey everyday live on this blog.



25 July 2013

POROS - GALATAS 20/27-07-2013

Poros - Galatas

Today we made a swift check-out of the boat, everything was ok.

After saying goodbye to the Greek-Sails-team we crossed the Poros-canal to the town of Galatas.

Here we rented a large appartment in the Villa Seagulls View, for week of relaxing.

From our apt. we have the most magnificent view over Poros-bay and Methana.

More info : www.villaseagullsview.com

Saluti a tutti from Greece,
Miek Dani Koen

24 July 2013

POROS 19-07-2013


Wind : 4 Bf NNW
Weather : Sunny 30ºC

Today we sailed out in the Poros-bay for a relaxing sail-swim-day.

We anchored in Russian-bay for a nice afternoon of swimming and snorkeling.

There are a lot of yachts in the bay for the moment (ca. 10-15), eg. in the month of May there were max. 4 yachts here.

At 1800 we sailed back to base for our last night on board.

At night we had a wonderfull diner at the Meze-Meze taverna. Later on that night the owner played and sung nice Greek-music ... simply superb ... Oppa !!!


Koen & co

18 July 2013

POROS 17-07-2013


Wind : 5-6 Bf N
Weather : sunny 29ºC

Today we stayed in Poros due to the heavy wind, on one of the pictures you can see the sea building up in Limin Poros, otherwise a quiet inner-sea.
So the North-quays are not so good sheltered with this weather, the South-quay in the Poros-canal gives the best shelter, that's why it's so popular now, yachts are triple moored today.

We took our car and visited the Peloponnese eg. Palea Epidavros.

For tommorow the wind is even gonna increase a bit.

At night we surprisingly stumbled on a sailingpal with his girlfriend, Freddy & Carole.
He has to bring back his yacht to Lavrion by Friday. We didn't know he was in Greece. It's a small world.

Koen Dani Miek