31 October 2017

30-10-2017 KYTHNOS - SERIFOS

30-10-2017 Loutra KYTHNOS - Livadi SERIFOS

Weather : CLOUDS AND SUN, 19°C
Wind : 3-5 Bf N
Log : 23,7 NM

We had a nice breakfast on deck in the sun.
At 10.30h we left  Loutra.

We had nice backwind sail with at an average speed of 6 to 7 knots.

At 1430h we arrived in Livadi on Serifos.

We went alongside one of the new quays,

Because it's offseason there are only 5 yachts here.

The crew took the bus to the Chora on the hill, the view there is spectacular.

At night we had a good Greek meal at the Gialos-taverna.

Greetings from Serifos,
Therese, Hugo, Dipmala, Rob, Roel, Johan, Christian en Koen

30 October 2017

29-10-2017 KEA - KYTHNOS

29-10-2017 Kourissia KEA - Loutra KYTHNOS

Weather : sunny, 20°C
Wind : 2 Bf N
Log : 21,8 NM

After a short night, with much wind (6Bf), we had breakfast on board.
We made a stroll through Kourissia, and took a cafe frappe.

At 1115h we lifted anchor.

At first we had a bit of a sail, but after an hour we had to swith our engine on.
It was a sunny and lazy sail towards Kythnos.

At 1520h we arrived in Loutra on Kythnos, a well protected small harbour in the northeast of Kythnos.

There are about 7 yachts moored here today.

At night we had a nice diner, with fish and local specialities, in the Sofrano-taverna.

Greetings from Kythnos,
Therese, Hugo, Dipmala, Rob, Roel, Johan, Christian en Koen

29 October 2017

28/10/2017 LAVRION - KEA

28-10-2017 LAVRION - Kourissia KEA

Weather : sunny, 20°C
Wind : 2-5 Bf W
Log : 16,8 NM

After a 3hour flight we arrived in Athens at 1100h.
The taxiride to the Olympic Marina in Lavrion took about 30 min.

At 1300h we checked our yacht Helios in, the rest of the crew went to the supermarket.

At 1445 we left the marina.

The first half of the trip the wind was calm but after an hour the wind picked up to ca. 5 Bf. So we had a very nice sail, with a sharp reach.

At 1745h we arrived in Kourissia on Kea. There are 7 yachts on the quay.

In the evening we had a very nice diner at the Lagoudera taverna.

At night the wind picked up to force 6 and there was chaos in the harbour, with a few yachts leaving in the middle of the night, because there anchor didn't hold.

Greetings from Kea,
Therese, Hugo, Dipmala, Rob, Roel, Johan, Christian en Koen

16 October 2017

Sailing Cyclades 28 oct.- 4 nov. 2017


From the 28th october untill the 4th of november,
we're sailing in Greece, from Lavrion, our goal is to sail along some Cyclades
(e.g. Kea, Kythnos, Syros, Serifos,...) ... weather permitting, of course.
When the wind/weather is to rough, plan B is to sail in to the Argo-Saronic Gulf.

We chartered a Sun Odyssey 49i from Navigare Yachting.

As always you'll be able to follow our journey everyday live on this blog.