15 May 2008


Wind : 3 Bf N
Weather : Cloudy, few raindrops / Afternoon Sun & clouds 23 °C

This morning it rained a little bit in Aegina & it was cloudy.
We started at 09.30, it was a nice sailingtrip, the wind came from North, so we had nice halfwind reach with speeds from 7 till 8 knots.

Reached the Kalamaki marina at 12.30.

In the afternoon we took the tram, from the Marina (Edem-station) directly into the centre of Athens (ticket : 1,70 Euro oneway p.p.).
We visited the obligatory Acropolis, Agora,… the entrance was free on Sunday 11-05 !

At night we had a super Greek dinner at Vassilis-taverna, not far from the Marina.

It was a nice ending of our sailingtrip through Hellas.


Koen & the crew

10 May 2008

10-05-2008 ANGISTRI - AEGINA
Wind : 1-2 Bf ESE
Weather : Sunny 24C

Short trip on motor to Aegina-town. It's a bussy town on weekends.
Took the bus to the temple of Aphaia, visit is a must.
In the meantime our yacht is surrounded by megayachts from Athenians on weekend.

Koen &.Crew

Wind : 1 Bf SE
Weather : Sunny 23C

In the morning we visited the ancient theatre of Epidavros, impressive.
Today we had a lazy day. Sailed to Angistri, anchored in a bay & took a nice swim in the sea.
For the evening we moored in the harbour of Milos on Angistri, they builded a new quay, excellent shelter.
We enjoyed a wonderfull sunset from aboard our yacht.

Koen & Crew

08 May 2008

Wind : 1-4 Bf ENE
Weather : Sunny 23C

Today a long trip, but our most beautifull.
This morning we've seen 3 schools of dolphins, a few of them swam along with our boat, magical !
Afterwards the journey through the Corinth-canal, spectacular but not cheap (170 Euro).
The last part we had a nice quick sail towards Palea Epidavros, a nice village on the Peloponnese.

Koen & Crew

07 May 2008

07-05-2008 GALAXIDI
Weather : Cloudy with a little rain 19C

Today no sailing, we visited the archeological site of Delphi. It's a must!
Unfortunally it was cloudy & it rained a little. Maybe tomorrow more luck with the weather ?

Koen & Crew

06 May 2008

Wind : 0-2 Bf SE
Weather : Sunny 23C

Almost no wind, just a little bit of sailing, otherwise on motor.
They are building a new quay in Galaxidi, it's half finished, there's only space for a few yachts.
Galaxidi is a beautifull town.

Koen & Crew

05-05-2008 ITHAKA - TRIZONIA
Wind : 0-3 Bf E
Weather : Sunny 22C

Our longest trip, ca.80 NM.
Nearly no wind, or on the nose, so we had to motor.
The passage under the bridge in Rion was impressive!
In the small harbour of Nafpaktos was no place, so we went to Trizonia, a small island in the Corinthian Gulf.
A nice traditional place where only yachties come.

Koen & Crew

04 May 2008

Wind : 0-1 Bf SSW
Weather : Sunny afternoon clouds 23C

Left Fiscardo at 1130h, nearly no wind.
Arrived at 1430h in Vathi on Ithaka, nice village. Moored at the North-quay. Only 5 yachts, it's quiet.

Koen &.Crew

Pictures Kefalonia

Kefalonia FISCARDO 03-05-2008

We stayed in Fiscardo.
Hired 4 mopeds (25 Euro/day) and cruised the island, Kefalonia is beautiful.
It's a shame not visitting the island when your here.

Today (sunday) our destination is Ithaka, we're hauling anchor at noon.

Because I'm in the internetcafe in Fiscardo, I'm gonna upload a few more pictures.

Greetings from Greece,
Koen & the crew

03 May 2008

Wind : 0-4 Bf WSW
Weather : Sunny 23C

Left at 1100h, no wind. At 1300h wind 3-4 nice sportsly sail.
Arrived in Fiscardo at 1445h, harbour is half empty, the weather is sunny & hot.
It's nice to be sailing off-season.

Koen &.Crew

01 May 2008

01-05-2008 LEFKAS - KASTOS
Wind : 3-4 Bf SE
Weather : Sunny ca.22C

This morning check-in & some small reparations.
At 1200h we left Lefkas.
We had a very nice sailingday, good wind & sunny.
At 1630h we anchored in the small harbour of Kastos, we're the only boat.
It's a beautiful place, it feels like summer !

Koen & Crew

30 April 2008


30 April Belgium-Athens-Lefkas
After a long plane-bus-trip we arrived in Lefkas at 1830h.
We found our yacht Lady K, a Bavaria 47, in excellent condition.
Tommorowmorning we'll do the check-in.
Koen & crew

25 April 2008

Sailing 2008


On this blog you can follow our sailing-journey live from Lefkas to Athens, from 30.04 untill 12.05.2008.

We will try to update this blog daily or every-other-day.

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