05 November 2017

03-11-2017 POROS - LAVRION

03-11-2017 POROS - LAVRION Olympic Marina

Weather : Sunny with a few clouds 20°C
Wind : 1 Bf SW
Log : 35,1 NM

After breakfast we left Poros at 9.45h.

There’s no wind today, so it’s gonna be a trip entirely on motor.

Luckily there’s plenty of sun, so it’s a nice and lazy trip across the Saronic Gulf.

At 14.10h we dropped anchor in the bay underneath the Poseidon temple in Sounio.

We all took a refreshing swim in the Aegean sea.

After a sunny lunch on deck, we left Sounio at 16.30h,
45 minutes later we arrived in Olympic Marina from Lavrion.

We first had to fuel up, there was a waitingline for more than 30 min. at the fuelstation
(ca. 77 litres : ca. 100 Euro).

The check-out was done swiftly by the Navigare-staff, our yacht was OK.

We ordered 2 taxis to get to Lavrion-town (5 Euro one-way / pro taxi / max.4 pers.).

We had a fantastic Greek diner at the taverna Pezodromos,
accidentally there where some live greek musicians playing, it added definitely to the atmosphere !

To ge back to the airport the next morning we booked a taxi-shuttle (70 Euro one-way / max.8 pers.) with Athens Shuttle Bus, their service is excellent.

Greetings from Greece,
Therese, Hugo, Dipmala, Rob, Roel, Johan, Christian en Koen

03 November 2017

02-11-2017 SPETSES - POROS

02-11-2017 SPETSES - POROS

Weather : sunny, 19°C
Wind : 3 - 4 Bf N NE
Log : 35,1 NM

Today it's sunny, but not so warm.

We left Baltiza-creek at 10.15h.

The first part of the trip the engine had to help us out, but afterwards we a fantastic sailingday, excellent wind on a sunny day !

At 1640h we anchored stern to at the Southquay in Poros.

After a short walk through Poros we went for diner at the Oasis-taverna, nice and tasty food.

Greetings from Poros,
Therese, Hugo, Dipmala, Rob, Roel, Johan, Christian en Koen

02 November 2017

01-11-2017 HYDRA - SPETSES

01-11-2017 HYDRA - SPETSES

Weather : CLOUDY, 16°C
Wind : 2 Bf N NE
Log : 16,5 NM

After a morningwalk trough Hydra, we hauled anchor at 1115h.

Today it's cold and cloudy.

After an quiet broad reach we arrived in Spetses at 1430h.

At the Batiza-creek we got the last place on the quay.

We did a nice walk into town and ate some Greek pita gyros, it was very tasty.

At night Dipmala and Rob prepared spaghetti with fresh made sauze, so we had a delicious meal on board.

Greetings from Spetses,
Therese, Hugo, Dipmala, Rob, Roel, Johan, Christian en Koen

01 November 2017

31-10-2017 SERIFOS - HYDRA

31-10-2017 Livadi SERIFOS - HYDRA

Weather : CLOUDY, 18°C
Wind : 5-6 Bf N
Log : 57 NM

 We had to get up early this morning, because we had a long trip a head.

Because the forecast gave N winds force 7 for the coming 2 days we decided to head for the Saronic islands where to forecast is a bit more moderate.

At 915h we left Serifos.

We had a half to sharp course with windforce 5 to 6 this ment exiting sailing with average speeds around 7,5 knots and more.

After a long day of sailing we arrived in Hydra at 1730h.

We where lucky to find a space at the northquay.

At night we had a nice diner in an old traditional Greek taverna 'Lulus' ,
situated in the backstreets of Hydra.

Greetings from Hydra,
Therese, Hugo, Dipmala, Rob, Roel, Johan, Christian en Koen