16 September 2018



Weather : sunny, 27°C
Wind : 0-1 Bf
Log : 23 NM

At 10.00, after breakfast, we left Palea Trikeri.
It was sunny with no wind, so it was a hot day.

Our first anchorage was the bay of Zasteni, ca. 6 NM from P. Trikeri.
It's one of the most pictoresque bays of the Magnessia-region.
We all had a few swims and a nice lunch on board, it was a lazy sunny afternoon.

At 15.30 we hauled anchor, and set for our last leg of the week.
There still was no wind so we had to motor the entire trip to Volos.

At 17.45 we moored at the city-quay of Volos. The people of Mixit were already waiting for us. While they checked-out the boat, we fueled her up (ca. 50 litres of diesel). Everything was Ok.

At night we had a superb Greek diner at the Stafylos-taverna, a 5 minute walk from the quay. When in Volos you have to try it out ! It was veeeeery taaaasty !

To summarize, we have to say that it again was a very beautiful region to sail in, not to overly touristy, very friendly locals, nice food, a yacht in a super condition ... we can say we had a perfect sailing holiday !

Greetings from Volos,
Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel, Diane, Koerel en Koen

25 May 2018


24-05-2018 LOUTRAKI Skopelos - PALEA TRIKERI

Weather : am cloudy, pm sunny, 27°C
Wind : 4 Bf NW / after 1 Bf
Log : 32,2 NM

This morning the weather was cloudy, but with a good wind.
So at 9.45h we left Loutraki, and immediately set sails.

With a nice sharpreach-sail, our boat easily got speeds around 8 knots.
About halfway of our trip the wind suddenly died down,
so our motor had to help us out again.

At 1445h we anchored at the quay of the small harbour of Palea Trikeri.
Part of the crew made the nice walk to the monastery.

At night we had a delicious shrimp-spagetthi-diner at the Diavlos taverna.

Greetings from Palea Trikeri,
Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel, Diane, Koerel en Koen


23-05-2018 Or.PERISTERA Peristeri - LOUTRAKI Skopelos

Weather : am sunny, pm cloudy, 25°C
Wind : 2 Bf ENE
Log : 22,2 NM

Most of us took a swim this morning in this beautiful bay.
At 10.35h we hauled our anchor.

Most of this trip there wasn't enough wind,
but for an hour we a nice backwind sail.

At 14.50h we anchored on the yacht-pontoon in Loutraki.
By the evening 9 yachts are moored here.

At 20.00h we took a taxi to the village of Glossa, 3km up the hill.
The views from up here are spectacular.

We made a reservation in Agnanti-restaurant.
I can say after 30 years of the travelling to Greece,
this was one of the best dining-experieces ever in Greece.
A fine Greek-cuisine with a twist, very very very nice !

Greetings from Skopelos,

Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel, Diane, Koerel en Koen

23 May 2018


22-05-2018 STENI VALA Alonnisos - Or.PERISTERA Peristeri

Weather : sunny, 25°C
Wind : 2 Bf NE
Log : 4,2 NM

After a lazy morning with a long breakfast,
we took some water for the boat from the Ikaros-cafe.
The Ikaros-cafe/mini market is the central hub for yachties in Steni Vala,
very good and friendly services.

At 11.45h we left Steni Vala.

Today it's a very short trip to the opposite island of Peristeri.
We tried to sail most of the trip.

At 14.15h we anchored in the pretty bay of Peristera.
After an afternoon of swimming and sunbathing,
we made a fire on the beach for a BBQ.

This evening on this remote beach was a unique experience !

Greetings from Peristera,
Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel, Diane, Koerel en Koen

22 May 2018


21-05-2018 AGNONTAS Skopelos -  STENI VALA Alonnisos

Weather : sunny, 24°C
Wind : 2-4 Bf NE
Log : 15,9 NM

We left Agnontas at 10.15h.

Finaly we had some wind and we could do some sailing, it was fun.
The last hour the wind died down so the motor had to help us out.

At 14.45h we anchored at the quay in Steni Vala on Alonnisos.

This small harbour is popular by sailors, by the evening it was fully packed with yachts.

At night we had diner at Tassias, tastefull.

Greetings from Agnontas,
Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel, Diane, Koerel en Koen

21 May 2018


20-05-2018 ACHILLEION - AGNONTAS Skopelos

Weather : sunny with clouds, 24°C
Wind : 1-2 Bf E
Log : 37,2 NM

After breakfast we dropped our mooring and left Achilleion at 10.15.

Today it's a long trip to Skopelos, because there's nearly no wind we had to motor.
About halfway we spotted a small school of dolphins.

At 15.45 we arrived in Agnontas, because it's low season we could go alongside the quay.

At night we had a very nice 'spagetthi with lobster'diner at the Mouria taverna,
not cheap but delicious (35 € pp).

Greetings from Agnontas,
Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel, Diane, Koerel en Koen

20 May 2018



Weather : sunny with few clouds, 24°C
Wind : 2 Bf ESE
Log : 26 NM

After a 3hour flight we arrived in Volos at 10.00h, we took a taxi-shuttle in to town (60 € / 7p).
The people of Mixit were waiting for us at the quay, so we could do the checkin an groceries immediately.
Our yacht NOTUS a Bavaria 46 Cruiser is in excellent shape, and very well maintained.

At 14.30h we left Volos.
There wasn't much wind, and it came in right on the nose, so we motored most of the trip.

We wanted to go to Ag.Kyriaki but there was a flottilla moored here, so every space was taken.
So we decided to go to other side of the gulf, it was ca 7 NM to Achilleion.

In Achilleion there are moorings on the quay, so no need to anchor.
We found a nice place on the quay directly in front of a nice Greek taverna.
Of course at night we had our first Greek diner here.

Greetings from Achilleion,
Annelies, Ben, Elvira, Michel, Diane, Koerel en Koen

04 May 2018

Sailing SPORADES 19 - 26 May 2018


From the 19th untill the 26th of May, we're sailing in Greece,
a trip from Volos, to the Sporades-islands (Skopelos, Alonissos, etc.).

We chartered a Bavaria 46 Cruiser from MIXit Sailing Holidays.

As always you'll be able to follow our journey everyday live on this blog.



05 November 2017

03-11-2017 POROS - LAVRION

03-11-2017 POROS - LAVRION Olympic Marina

Weather : Sunny with a few clouds 20°C
Wind : 1 Bf SW
Log : 35,1 NM

After breakfast we left Poros at 9.45h.

There’s no wind today, so it’s gonna be a trip entirely on motor.

Luckily there’s plenty of sun, so it’s a nice and lazy trip across the Saronic Gulf.

At 14.10h we dropped anchor in the bay underneath the Poseidon temple in Sounio.

We all took a refreshing swim in the Aegean sea.

After a sunny lunch on deck, we left Sounio at 16.30h,
45 minutes later we arrived in Olympic Marina from Lavrion.

We first had to fuel up, there was a waitingline for more than 30 min. at the fuelstation
(ca. 77 litres : ca. 100 Euro).

The check-out was done swiftly by the Navigare-staff, our yacht was OK.

We ordered 2 taxis to get to Lavrion-town (5 Euro one-way / pro taxi / max.4 pers.).

We had a fantastic Greek diner at the taverna Pezodromos,
accidentally there where some live greek musicians playing, it added definitely to the atmosphere !

To ge back to the airport the next morning we booked a taxi-shuttle (70 Euro one-way / max.8 pers.) with Athens Shuttle Bus, their service is excellent.

Greetings from Greece,
Therese, Hugo, Dipmala, Rob, Roel, Johan, Christian en Koen